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SOL 7 is a female owned and led licensed cannabis farm in the heart of the Emerald Triangle in Mendocino County. The farm located in idyllic Redwood Valley, started in 2013 with 25 plants and a dream.  This dream was to provide the highest quality of natural cannabis medicine while using organic and sustainable farming practices.

Today our farm has grown to 10,000 sq feet of greenhouse canopy. We focus on unique strains, many nurtured in our appellation and microclimate. Our variety of strains promote optimum states of relaxation, creativity, and pain relief.

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Sol 7 Cannabis, from Sol 7 Frams

Sol 7 Farms is Proud to Feature Sol 7 Cannabis

New Strain
Sol 7 Cannabis, from Sol 7 Frams


The Menage is one killer blend of genetics (Zkittlez x Triangle Kush Bx3) x (Gelato 41 x Kush Mints 11). It has a sweet, earthy, fruity spicy aroma. The effects are mild euphoria. After an initial creative boost, the calming and pain-relieving effects take over.

New Strain
Sol 7 Cannabis, from Sol 7 Frams

Pancake Batter

Pancake Batter is a hybrid marijuana strain bred by Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics. … When smoking this strain, you’ll experience a flavor profile that combines the taste of buttered, sweet berries and the batter-like smell of pancakes. The high you get from smoking Pancakes can be described as a relaxing head high.

New Strain
Sol 7 Cannabis, from Sol 7 Frams


Jealousy is a combination of Cookies’ Gelato 41 and a Sherbet backcross. The aromas of the Jealousy strain are sweet cream and candy and the flavor tastes like creamy candy and gelato.

The effects are potent and strong.

Our Pledge

Organic and Sustainable

We use beneficial insects and complementary flowers rather than harsh chemicals and pesticides.

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